HTS Triax Superconducting Cables

HTS Triax Cable Technology

Southwire and nkt cables have jointly developed the most advanced superconducting cable on the market.

HTS Triax® Superconducting Cable has been designed to reduce material costs, manufacturing costs, installation time and cryogenic cooling costs. The cable’s unique 3-phase concentric arrangement reduces the amount of superconducting wire by one half compared to other alternatives, thereby addressing the system’s most significant economic factors.

HTS Triax Cable

High temperature superconducting (HTS) cables replace the copper or aluminum wires in conventional underground cables with wires made from ceramic oxide superconductors. These wires are used to manufacture power cable, which is installed in underground ducts and offers high power density links. Additional information about the HTS materials may be found here.

Cable system components include the cable as well as splices/joints, terminations and the cryogenic cooling system to maintain proper operating conditions. The thermal insulation around the cable is generally a vacuum-jacketed pipe called a cryostat.

To achieve the superconducting state of the materials, cryogenic cooling plants operating at -200° C are connected to the cable to circulate pressurized liquid nitrogen (LN) and remove adsorbed heat from the cable system. LN is an environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive cooling medium. The earth’s atmosphere is approximately 78% nitrogen gas. This gas is simply distilled from the atmosphere and condensed into liquid form. LN and other industrial gases are used in many industries including healthcare, food preparation/storage, semiconductors, steel and others.