HTS Triax Superconducting Cables

Rights of Way & Space Constraints

Downtown urban city planners are facing increasing challenges to find unobstructed rights of way for new underground services. These services include not only power, but telecommunications, water, gas and sanitation. As our urban city centers continue to grow and population increases, this is an ever-increasing problem.

HTS cables are compact and have very high power densities. One HTS Triax cable can take the place of 18 large conventional copper cables operating at the same voltage level.

HTS Cable vs Conventional

As existing infrastructure ages and requires replacement, HTS cables also provide a solution for retrofitting of existing underground ducts and pipes. These old cables can be replaced with HTS cables installed in the existing space – and many times achieving a capacity expansion at the same time.

Gas pressure cable on HTS

In addition to high capacity and retrofit options, HTS cables also provide solutions to other technical challenges of installing underground power cables and have the following features:

  • Fully shielded for EMF reduction
  • Thermal independence from surrounding environment
  • Environmentally friendly cooling medium